McDonald’s Happy Meal Road Show “Happiness starts here”


To create a concept of a road show for children and implement it in the main Ukrainian cities


Chosen as a basis for the further work, Happy Meal was designed according to 4 different topics:

  1. Reading Day: to develop kids’ imagination and communicative skills.
  2. Eco Day: to explain children why taking care of nature is so important.
  3. Art Day: to develop creativity.
  4. Sports Day: to show how to lead a healthy way of life.

Each topic included various activities for children.

In addition, it was offered to organize the final big event in order to unite all the concepts in Kyiv


2014 year – 6 cities – 56500 visitors

2015 year – 8 cities – 62000 visitors

2016 year – 7 cities – 58000 visitors

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