KARTOFUN gift promo

To create a connection of fun with TM KARTOFUN using viral photos with #KARTOFUN in social networks


In the largest shopping malls of main 5 cities the Agency placed a non-standard promotional zone “Baraban”. Promoters
suggested all visitors to collect a general picture of mega-pack #KARTOFUN. When the picture was ready, the mechanism
activated and the participant received a pack of chips 50 g. as a gift.

In addition, promoter invited quests to participate in the draw of prizes.

According to the mechanics, the participant needed to make a fan photo on the background of the collected picture and post on
the FB page with the hashtag #KartoFUN.

The raffle was held at the end of the action, using random.com.


5 cities

6 721 contacts

1000 photos

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