TransferGo payment system promotion


To support the entering of a new payment system TransferGo to the Ukrainian market.

To promote TransferGo on the Independence Day of Ukraine.


A new payment system has entered the Ukrainian market, which is developing rapidly and helping Ukrainians make international payments simply,
conveniently and completely free of charge. On Independence Day of Ukraine in the landscape park “Spivoche Pole”, Havas Engage installed a
branded balloon and organized work of the area with a lemonade bar, a program from the presenter, quests and other activities. The area was visited
by a large number of guests and stars of the Ukrainian show-biz.

Total reach more than 3,3 mln (visitors, TV, lifestream, fb, instagram, web-site), total engagement about 150k (quest, photo booth, livestream,

Thanks to our activities number of new users on event day increased on 224% and on day after the event on 143% comparing with average number of
new users on work day.


25000 visitors

new users on event day increased on 224%

492 quests

412 post cards

850 lemonades

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